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This is where we offer a word of thanks to our friends and associates who help to make our life easier and more pleasant:


The beautiful photos on this website are by our friend Patrick Stubbs of Natural Expressions Photography, based here in Lincoln. Patrick specialises in wedding and portrait photography but is pretty good at food, too! He doesn't mind travelling for his art, either in Uk or abroad. In fact,  a couple of years ago he travelled to a game reserve in Southern Africa to photograph the guests and wildlife. Check out the results on his website here www.naturalexpressions.co.uk


Patrick tells us:
"We are passionate about photography and passionate about giving you fantastic photographs. In fact we guarantee beautiful photography that you will love - we offer a full guarantee on everything we do."



Another of our good friends is artist Fraser Scarfe whose wonderful painting hangs on the main wall in the restaurant. Fraser is a Lincoln based artist specialising in Landscape painting. Whilst his work is fuelled by his rural surroundings he avoids the cliches and pitfalls inherent in Landscape painting as a genre. He has worked in Lincoln for the past four years and recently spent a year as artist in residence at Lincoln's historic cathedral. He exhibits regularly in Lincoln & London and has work in private collections around the U.K and Europe. 
He explains on his website: 
“The more I paint, the less patience I have for romanticism and sentimentality, but being a landscape painter I will never truly be able to avoid these labels and this makes my challenge much more interesting. I don’t want to create ‘atmospheric’ paintings from imagined and inflated concepts of light and nature. To me the beauty and drama is already in the subject and I want to show people this in the most economical means at my disposure. It seems to me that the best painters are those who, with integrity and succinctness use a few marks but reveal a truth and beauty in a subject that people would never have seen otherwise.”
To see more of his work go to www.fraserscarfe.co.uk/


We love to see our restaurant decked out with beautiful flowers and the displays don't come more beautiful than those that Rachel at The Arbour creates for us. Her lovely little shop is on the right hand side of the road as you walk up Steep Hill. If you call in to see her you may just be lucky enough to meet Dolly, her delightful lowchen.

Rachel says:

"Once you have found us opposite the crooked lamp-post, step inside and enjoy the wonderful fragrance of eucalyptus and lavender whilst watching us tie and arrange flowers in a natural rustic workshop environment. Whether you're looking for a few flowers tied in brown paper and raffia, or somehting for a special occasion, we are always here to help."


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